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Elaine Gertler Miller is a 20 year old aspiring model & commodity trader who resides in London. A tory who flaunts her family’s (questionable) wealth on social media and brags about attending Westminster School, an expensive and prestigious London boarding school. Elaine is a self proclaimed “hacktivist” who is on a mission to cancel cancel culture after clips from a livestream were posted on twitter in which Elaine says she wanted to nuke Chinatown. There’s little information on Elaine before May 2020. She says she was a “controversial internet troll” previous to all her online activity disappearing. Elaine says her parents use their wealth and influence to have hackers & police remove photos and videos of her after the Chinatown incident. Elaine flip flops between having a friend who died from online bullying to herself being the target and bullied until she attempted suicide. She also believes anyone who talks about her, shares info from her public social media accounts or shares DMs have broken British terrorism statutes. She uses multiple alt accounts & sock accounts to threaten people with hacking, criminal prosecution and legal action but always ends up outing herself because she can’t stand not being the center of attention. Even though her whole schtick is canceling cancel culture, Elaine tries to cancel lots of things, including but not limited to this site, kiwifarm (she refers to KF as kiwi leaks), Josh Moon/Null, Britton Bully Club, Diane Awesomelaser, Chinatown & pollution. (ARCHIVE)

She used to present herself as a rich kid on social media and flexes her designer drip, but her shit is fake. She even fabricates a tale that she has a family helicopter

Going to the extent of pretending to be related to Dan gertler a diamond dealer [ the israeli diamond exchange]

Now she larps as a 1337 H4CK3R, ddos-ing all the sites that mention her name, when in reality she just files complaints to domain hosts.

Elaine cuts Joshua Moon's name into her own legs

and loves big black cock

and really really loves taking a hot steamy pee for her lover Joshua Moon